Tuesday, January 29, 2008

He Might Like Ohio

Well, I've cherished a few happy thoughts of Daisy (Jesus Flores) becoming a catcher in 2008, platooning with LoDuca at the very least. I know that Manny and Bowden didn't want him to sit on the bench that much, but I wanted him to stick around and face more big league pitching.

That will almost certainly not happen now that we signed Johnny Estrada. Yes, I know, it's better for the rookie pitching staff to have more seasoned catchers. Yes, I know, Estrada's numbers have been good. Yes, I know, having another lefty after Church and Schneids left is pretty darn vital. Yes, I know that Daisy will get more playing time and more opportunities to mature playing in AAA or AA. I know it's true, but I don't have to like it.

See you in 2009 Daisy. The Nats should be looking pretty strong by then. In the meantime, I hope you like Ohio.