Thursday, September 20, 2007

Off to Spoil the Phillies

Well, we didn't sweep the Mets; we lost 8-4. But we did clean out a couple of cobwebs on our own team. For two games our offense remembered how to hit and Pena learned how to follow a ball coming off of the bat. Our starting pitchers choked often, with only Chico not given up runs in the first (and, oddly enough, the only one to log a loss).

The loss of this game won't phase Manny or most of the players. Our boys of summer still took the series, still are a little closer to that magic 72. But Daisy (Jesus Flores, the nickname is not an insult, the story is odd, but daisies are strong, manly flowers) will beat himself up over this loss for days. He has openly admitted to feeling a need to try hard to impress the team that let him go. He managed hits in the bottom of the second and sixth, hopefully they were enough to get him over the complex he has developed when it comes to the Mets. I just hope that Daisy won't focus on the idea that with Schneids calling the game we won, and with him behind the plate we stumbled.

Maybe it was Pelfrey's mouth guard that threw off our players. Maybe it was the ball getting trapped in, in, in the outfield wall that was just too odd for us to come back from. Maybe it's simply that the Mets are a first place team.

We had amazing moments that showed what we are capable of, that showed that the first two games of the series weren't a fluke: Chico's RBI, Austin's Gold Glove caliber play, Fick playing dirty for the sake of the team, Nook diving for catches.

We have the stuff to take on some of the best teams and give them a run for their money, and we get to decide the NL East winner. Let's see what happens against the Phillies, shall we?

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