Saturday, December 1, 2007

The hardest part of the game

So the big trade news has hit. Ryan Church and Brian Schneider are going to the Mets; Lastings Milledge coming to us. Is this a great move? Is Milledge the answer to our center field problems? Could be. I haven't seen the kid enough to have an opinion of him yet. Ask me again in May and I might have an answer for you.

Of course, we Ryan Girls are sad to see Church go. But we knew it would happen, and we were prepared. We'll miss him.

The real shock in this though, is Schneider. Yeah, there were a few rumors that he was on the block, but the Ryan Girls never believed them. They didn't have much to back them up. They would never trade him, we thought. At least not this year. But then the news came. He was gone. We couldn't believe it. How could Schneids go away? We NEED him!

Forget for now the practical implications of having our team father and “captain” now calling games for our frequent opponents. Forget the way he performed for us. Right now, we'll just miss his guidance. His presence. We'll never again see him playing with his daughter on the field before a game, her in a Nats jersey way too big for her. He won't hug Daisy anymore after Daisy gets a game winning hit. He won't do the weekly mike checks for MASN. He won't be leading the charge onto the field to mob Zimm. There will be no more fist-bump tomahawk-chop with the Chief.

Yes, this trade might work out wonderfully. We might look back on it as one of the greatest trades. But for now, we Ryan Girls are still to shocked by the idea of seeing Schneider, and Church, in Mets uniforms.


Professional Jackass said...

Well, two things about this trade:

One - This trade is better for the Nats than the Mets.

Two - Not to disparage Church or Schneider, but if this was the best trade the Mets could pull off with Milledge, they might have been better off keeping him.

Sarah said...

I don't doubt that it was a good trade, Milledge is a good kid and Church and Schneider are both getting up there in years and don't fit with "The Plan." It's just that the trade of Schneider is hard for Nats fans, it's shaken everyone up. The only person who would have been more of a shock to see leave would be Zimmerman. We all realized on Friday that, no, not a single person is safe. We could come back in April to an entirely different team. It's kinda a scary prospect to face.

Professional Jackass said...

Imagine, for a minute, how a Mets fan feels. Here we've traded a player who was our #1 prospect 2 years ago for a spare outfielder (and he is a spare) and a guy who would go to Spring Training as the 3rd best catcher on the Mets (if the roster stays as is). Not exactly an earth-shattering trade on the Mets' side.

Now, if the Mets have any intention of getting ANY pitching in a trade, they've got to give up Carlos Gomez, Mike Pelfrey, and maybe Ruben Gotay. That's draining the team.

Plus, we've got 3 mediocre catchers:

Johnny Estrada, who picks right up behind Paul LoDuca but with a little more defense.

Ramon Castro, a great offensive player but always hurt.

Brian Schneider, a great defensive player but not much of a hitter.

We Mets fans sure hope there's more in the works.