Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just Give Him More Money

It shouldn't surprise anyone that Ryan Zimmerman has filed for arbitration. He is one of the best defense third baseman in the game, performing regular acrobatics at the hot corner, and the Nationals do not seem to pay him enough. I know full well that I retain a good measure of bitterness over Zimm not winning rookie of the year in 2006 (thank you very much Hanley Ramirez), but long standing bitterness aside, Ryan has earned some more cash.

His defense is amazing to watch. His work at the plate is consistent. His leadership on the team is vital. Really, is anyone surprised that he thinks he's earned more?

I know that we tried (and failed) to sign some big name guys this off-season. When we didn't lavish those names with thousands of dollars, could we at least have given Ryan a better contract.

I don't want that much; I just want the face of the franchise to be around for the long haul. Oh, and I want the Lerners to openly want that too.

Baseball Quote of the Day: Since it is about as cold as DC gets-
Baseball, to me, is still the national pastime because it is a summer game. I feel that almost all Americans are summer people, that summer is what they think of when they think of their childhood. I think it stirs up an incredible emotion within people. ~Steve Busby, in Washington Post, 8 July 1974

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