Thursday, January 8, 2009

Staring out the Window, Waiting for Spring

Spring Training really is the next major holiday after New Year's. And a girl can only wait for the warm breezes, the budding trees, and the all import sound of a ball bouncing off that bat. It what I wait for, and I miss it during the winter.

I miss transferring to the Green line after work so I can see the game. I miss walking down half street and seeing the ballpark smile back at me. I miss my favorite ushers and reminding strangers that the dug-out is most definitely not a shelf. I miss that glittering emerald sea that is summer-time and happiness and something that is beyond my range of words. Sure, it's emotional; maybe even a good bit silly. But it's true for me.

Yes, I love baseball, I love the Nats, that much.

The summertime, the laughter, and that marvelous cracking sound.

36 days and just under 3 hours until pitchers and catchers report.

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