Friday, April 18, 2008

Can I Start Crying Now?

I know that there's no crying in baseball; my purse tells me that each game. However, when we lose to a team with which we have developed a near incestuous relationship with I want to cry.

Not only were we owned by the Mets, it was my old Ryan who did a big chunk of the damage to us. I think that having all 14 inningings of last night/this morning come down to a wild pitch was just short of pushing me over the edge. I love my Nationals; I really do. They say it's always the ones you love that hurt you. And, let's face it, a 2-3 loss in extra innings hurts.

I just hope that we clean ourselves up for Florida. I may have a complete break-down if another truly amazing starting pitching job (last night was Lannan, but Chico was amazing last week) comes to not. I feel an urge to run down to Florida and either hug or hit the guys into putting a couple hits together.

Here's to hoping that the guys start coming into their own. I miss the call of curly-Ws going down in the record books. I'm starting to forget what the words sound like.


Anonymous said...

No offense ladies, but the Nationals suck. Your biggest problem is a GM owner. You also have no pitching except for Cordero, who they will trade away like always. Expect to see Zimmerman traded away too. I'm sure you could find another team with "hot players" that you could root for.

Sarah said...

Naw, we've scouted the other teams, their players aren't hot enough for us. I think we'll stick with the team we've got.

And Chad Cordero when last seen couldn't throw a "fastball" more than 79mph, so if he's really the best pitcher we've got, we're in a whole lot worse shape than we're showing. At this point, if another team wants him, they can have him.

YankeeFan said...

Mayne the Papal Mass will linger some luck. It seems to have worked wonders for the Yankees. Every time they ahve a Papal Mass, they win a few world series.

Anonymous said...

Like I said, the Nationals are bad because they suffer from an ownership group that doesn't care about winning. Despite increased revenues and the promise of a new ballpark, the Nationals did NOTHING to improve their club this offseason. Stan Kasten is already in semi-retirement. While he was with the Atlanta Braves, Kasten was never willing to improve his team and make the one final move to push his club over the top. The Braves won 14 straight division titles but only one World Series under Kasten (who always gave the impression that he was happy with that).

The rest of the organization is bush league. Particularly Acta. The only reason Acta is the Nationals manager is he is willing to work cheap. He is probably the least qualified manager in baseball. But, at least he's the cheapest.

And IMO that's all the Nationals care about.

Anonymous said...
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