Friday, April 4, 2008

Welcome Home!

So the Nats have had a pretty good week so far and, like any good (read: crazy) baseball fan, I was terrified to talk about it for fear of jinxing it. But now that they’ve actually lost a game, I can finally update! A start of 3-0. Even if we lose the next seven, it’s definitely much better than last year’s. The boys are looking good so far. We’ve got some offense, finally! In just four games, we’ve already had three inning in which we scored more than four runs. Last year it took us 23 games to score in the first inning. This year it took four batters.

And have you seen Zimm in the field?! Wow!

Pitching is working. How about Tim Redding? One-hitting the Phillies after spending the day before vomiting up his oysters? Pretty great. Didn’t he have the flu for his last good ST start (discounting the game with the back spasms of course)? Maybe he just needs to vomit a little before every game.

And I’m really liking Joel’s stuff when he comes out of the bullpen. He was always good at getting two quick outs, it was the third one he would break down on. Now that they’re only asking for those two, he’s got it going on.

We’ve really got what looks to be a new and improved team to match our new and improved stadium. And that new stadium is NICE. Top of the line everything. A beautiful place to spend a day (or night) watching a game. Some kinks need to be worked out with the concessions still, but it’ll come along with practice. We Ryan Girls have only spent two days there so far, and one of them it was impossible to explore during, but we’ve been on every level of the stadium and they all have great views of the field.

The beginning of the season is the time for dreams. For a few short days, we got to dream of the boys being welcomed home undefeated. For a few more weeks, we get to dream of them going all the way this year. Is it likely? No. But we can dream it just the same. Last year we couldn’t even do that.


Bernadette said...

Good for the Nats. Did you get go to that first game at the new ballpark? Looks nice on TV.

Sarah said...

Yeah, we were the for both the exhibition game and for Opening Night. It was really fantastic.