Wednesday, April 16, 2008

#42 an honor, but not a good luck charm for the Nats

This is why I shouldn’t go out of town. Wins are few and far between and by going out of town, I miss them. The Nats finally broke their nine game losing streak on Sunday and I was on a mountain several hours away and could watch or listen to the game. After an off day on Monday, it was straight back to losing on Tuesday. We just can’t seem to get those clutch hits we need. The few who get on base are unlikely to advance. Wily Mo is back, but is not yet making much of a difference in the line-up. He’s still getting back into the swing of things, as it were.

I was looking forward to this series with the Mets. Not only is it always fun to play them, I wanted to see Schneider and Church again, and to see how the Mets fans reacted to Milledge and LoDuca. Let me just say, it’s freaking me waaaay out to see Schneider in a Mets uniform. I’ll catch sight of him behind the plate and think, “But I thought we were batting…oh, right.” And we had to go and lose the first game there, to put a nice damper on the start of the series.

Last night was Jackie Robinson Night and all the players on both teams wore the number 42 in tribute. While it was a bit confusing at times, and a bit of an overblown gesture, it was great to hear Willie Harris talk about what it means to him, being from the same hometown as Jackie. “There’s no one else from Cairo, it’s just me and Jackie.” “"I like to think if it wasn't for Jackie, I wouldn't be standing here in this locker room. A lot of things that I'm able to do, I wouldn't be able to do if he hadn't persevered and faced all the difficult challenges that he did. I'm just thankful for Jackie Robinson."

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