Monday, April 7, 2008

Forget the birds, let's have fish for dinner!

Ouch. Not the best weekend in Nats history. But, not the worst either. Friday's starter Perez continued to not impress. Saturday a passed ball (which is shaping up to be our specialty this year) let in the run that made the ninth inning rally pointless. Sunday's good pitching effort by Lannan, was completely wasted when we couldn't string any hits together.

Colome seems to have lost all ability to find the plate (which I'm sure my neighbors enjoyed hearing about as I screamed at him during the game). King isn't doing much better. But on the plus side, Chico has (so far) cut down on his walks. Still wouldn't be surprised to see Matty lose the spot to Lannan though, if Shawn does come back soon. Personally I'd rather see Perez go, but that's just because I have a soft spot for Matty.

Though the results aren't showing yet, we do have some hitting going on. Ryan, Nick, and Austin are all batting above .290, with Milledge and Guzman not too far behind. We're #2 in baseball in doubles so far, tied for sixth in total bases. It's not that the boys aren't hitting, they're just not hitting when they've got someone on in front of them.

So I'm not giving up on them yet (or ever). Before long we'll have Wily Mo and Dukes back and Dmitri back on the bench. Things ought to pick up then. Tonight the boys come home for their first homestand, in which we're sure to whip up on the Marlins and get this show back on track. The Ryan Girls will be there, of course, cheering them on. LETS GO NATS!

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